Friday, 28 October 2011

Benar jugak- Conversation


Konichiwa kawan2...

Yes today im again going to write,
i feel to,
i want to,
its bored to be alone in this big room,
its midterm again,
and might be some of u starting to have migrain,headache,stress and all that..

here are some things i do whenever i woke up this morning,
and faces all the problem,
but lastly i manage to smile..and laugh even though im all alone...

i always dream that i can talk to them,
in our language that nobody understand,
just us...
and i still imagine,how beautiful it is their heart compared to human who are not loyal..
let's imagine or create a word that might be what do they want to say to us!
make it fun..enjoy with fauna~

1-look into my eyes dude,im serious!

2-muah muah muah! ur saliva is gross!

3-i am fat so i cant go inside the cage.


5-i'll slap ur face if don't open it!

6-what a good signal

7-garang macam pak long

8-cuba teka apa yg mereka sedang bualkan

9-all of u heavy like dem..uuuuu~

10-lastly..this is my cat at home,i call her bonda cz she has many2 kids..*she's saying: dude,why u wake me up!*

Smile and laugh always. Love more than hate. Chills and get positive.

S A Y O N A R A .....

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